Terms and Conditions


By making a booking with Musical Express, parents or carers agree to abide by these terms and conditions.  Statutory rights remain unaffected.

Sessions & Coaches

Sessions will be held at the times and venues advertised variously by Musical Express on its website and literature.  Although Musical Express strives to keep the same times and venues for sessions, changes may be necessary.  On occasion, Musical Express may also need to cancel sessions at short notice but will endeavour to notify parents and carers as soon as possible in such circumstances.  Although Musical Express aims to keep the same teaches, it reserves the right to change teachers at any time.

Parents and carers are required to stay at the sessions, except for After School clubs and 3 plus drop off classes.


Parents or carers are welcome to bring a child (or children) along to a session for a free trial  (Southfields location only) with prior arrangement.  Please note, however, that this will only be possible if numbers permit.  Initial bookings may be made by enrolling online at www.musicalexpress.co.uk, or by completing a hardcopy enrolment form.  Muscial Express will confirm bookings on a provisional basis where places are available, but places will not be secured until payment is received (see Payment & Cancellation).  Musical Express may decline to accept a booking for any reason.

Bookings are made in blocks of either half-term or whole term (dates as per website) .

Make up classes: Some make-up classes are allowed, for any reason, provided that notification is provided in advance, these cannot be carried-over into a new term without prior agreement with Musical Express.

Renewal bookings will only be confirmed and places for participants secured once payment is received (see Payment & Cancellation).

Payment & Cancellation

The prices for booking are as set-out on this website and/or enrolment form.  Musical Express reserves the right to change prices for new bookings or renewals without notice.  Payment may be made by cash, cheque or Internet transfer.  On first booking with Musical Express, payment should be made no later than seven days prior to a child’s participation, or the child’s place may be re-assigned.  A place will only be secured once payment is received.  Payment for renewal bookings should also be made no later than seven days before the first session in a new half or whole term, or the child’s place again may be re-assigned.  Places for renewed bookings will only be secured once payment is received.

Parents or carers will be entitled to a full refund at any time on a pro-rata basis for unused sessions ( less £15 admin fee.  Refunds, deferrals or credits will not normally be made by Musical Express when sessions are cancelled for reasons outside its control.

Class Etiquette

Parents stay with their children and remain responsible for their behaviour at all times and to ensure that they do not damage the equipment and instruments that are used in the session.

It is requested that children do not participate in sessions when they have communicable illnesses, or medical conditions that might be transmitted, or pose a risk to themselves, or others.

Personal Data

Mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be needed should sessions need to be cancelled at short notice for whatever reason. Personal data submitted to Musical Express  will be used only for the purpose it was collected, and will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended).


Musical Express accepts no liability for property that is lost, stolen or damaged at sessions.  Protecting the well-being of all children at its sessions is of paramount importance to Musical Express, and all reasonable steps will be taken to prevent accidents.  Unfortunately, however, accidents may still happen, regardless of what precautions are taken.  Parents and carers accept that Musical Express will not be held liable for accidents, unless due to the negligence of Musical Express or its teachers.  Subject to the above, Musical Express and its teachers accept no responsibility for any costs, losses, damages, or liabilities (consequential or otherwise) arising directly or indirectly from a child’s (or children’s) participation in sessions.


This agreement will be governed by English law, and shall fall under English jurisdiction.


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